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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dr Fansler Speaks at DSA Meeting about Music career Opportunities

by Busck Morgan on Jan 9.

File last night's under the prized category One of the Best. 

Dr. Terry Fansler is charming, knowledgeable, insightful, optimistic, informative, educated, experienced, thoughtful, engaging, organized, prepared....

With Q&A, he took almost an hour. Would have gladly given him 2.

Terry believes good times lie ahead for the hard-working, talented songwriter. You know, the one who makes the effort.
He said, in the past, most of us thought we needed to sign with a major label that would take care of everything. Things were never as they appeared. Labels signed new acts and supported them until they had recouped their investments, then withdrew support and invested in newer acts.

Artists today make money from performances. Major artists today take all of ticket sales, letting venues survive on concessions. The two major concert promoters, LiveNation and AEG Live, are also the major venue owners.

Commercial radio will soon go the way of major record labels, giving way to Pandora, Spotify and other online music players.

American Idol, The Voice and other TV talent shows are bad career partners.

We have moved away from owning music. Some of us still buy CDs. Others download. Soon, there will be no need to download, no need to own music. Portals like Pandora, etc., make it all available.

Emerging artists today, in the non-label world, will own all the rights to their songs.

Four suggestions:
1) Get songs published. 
2) Get songs on digital radio
3) Submit songs to TV and Film music supervisors.
4) License songs to music supervisors

I've barely touched the surface. I don't mean to nag, but I love songwriters and I love the DSA. Just as songwriters have great potential, so does the DSA. We're doing well, but we can do much better, and you will make us better. Support the DSA. Get involved. Challenge yourself. It will be worth the effort. It always is.

Dr. Fansler is Director of Studies in Music Business at DBU

A career in the Music Business at Dallas Baptist University
It's the stuff of which dreams are made
And now, because of some major restructuring, the Music Industry, which has been tightly controlled by record and radio conglomerates, is now opening to new, independent artists and businesses. Today, there is more opportunity for more people to enjoy a successful career in the Music Business than ever before. 
But, the road to success is not any easier. To work in the Music Industry today, you will need to be better than ever. To prepare, begin with a quality education - one in which you study the liberal arts. This type ef education teaches you how to think, analyze and plan - skills that allow you to build not only a quality career, but also a quality life. Then, the best education for you ought to also include specific instruction in your career choice. All of this is exactly what we offer.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Music Industry Campaign on Piracy

Send an e-mail to Congress via this link (, please do.  It only takes a moment and will make a difference.  

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to join in.  You can easily forward the e-mail by clicking here (

Updates on Congressional activity and other opportunities to get involved in protecting and defending the industry and art form that we all love at

 Join the Facebook community on for news and information of interest. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

DFW Area Guitar Repair

Bryant Russell at Charlie's Guitar Shop - is one of the best in this area (sometimes has a long backlog)
or Dan McCarthy at Dallas Guitar Repair - also does great work
or John Fitzgerald at Perretta Guitars - can repair just about anything.
Crisler 972-242-4050.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Acoustic Music Scene is an online publication launched in January 2007 to provide news & commentary for the folk, roots and singer-songwriter communities. They provide their readers with links to other websites where they can learn about folk and other acoustic music organizations, venues, and artists performing in areas in which they live, work or travel.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Links and Resources

Be on a Podcast series promoting Texas artists
Host and Contact, Billy Bourbon,409-457-5408
Websites: Billy Bourbon
Bourbon You Tube Site Check the "Wine of Her Lips" video
the Billy Bourbon Show podcast-this site has the video podcasts on it as has an RSS feed - free subscription link for podcast show

BLOGGING MUSES: #1 Songwriting Blog
Check it out:


Learn, Grow and Prosper: Subscribe today at songconnection at

Interesting quotes from an interview with Rick Carnes, President of Songwriters Guild of America
Rick Carnes is the President of the Songwriters Guild of America, and is a tireless advocate for American songwriters on Captiol Hill.
He lives in Nashville, the songwriting capitol of the world. I pulled some of his more interesting quips from a recent interview he did with Chris Castle covering music technology.
“Songwriters were the number one loser of income in the US economy in 2004 (Music piracy taking its toll). So we are used to tough times. I hope to see a bottom form somewhere in the steep drop in record sales and a rebound sometime in the next ten years. If that doesn’t happen I guess we will all end up sleeping in the subway!
“The real role of songwriters in the music business is to add meaning to people’s lives. That is not a job you want to leave to amateurs. It is a job for professionals.”
And my favorite quote: “Songwriters don’t sell T-shirts. We’re too ugly and we dress funny. Songwriter fan clubs meet in phone booths so the email lists are too small to monetize effectively.”
For the full interview, which is extremely informative:

Thanks to Connie Mims, Woodland Songwriters, for this above info

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How To Get Your Songs Recorded

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let fellow DSA members know that I have a new book I wrote called, "How To Get Your Songs Recorded By Today's Independent Recording Artists (While working toward your first major label cut.) I wrote it after having reached my goal of getting over 100 recordings on my song by more than 50 artists! If anyone would like more details on the book, or order a copy, please email me at moxceysongs at Thanks.
Jeff Moxcey

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Blog

Hello Songwriters,

Here's the spot to find links to the songwriting communtiy for your educational development. I'll be building this blog over the next few months, so let me know with your comments, who should be added to the lins on the right.